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February (5771), 2011 Vol. 37 No.2

From Jerusalem of God, Chapter 13

O Ye Of Little Faith

The aspect of 'FAITH' , is an exercise that we involve ourselves with, on a daily basis. Briefly, some examples are:

(1) OUR RELATIONSHIPS with other people.

(2) OUR USE OF THE SENSES , that is, walking, talking, smelling, seeing, hearing, touching, etc.

(3) OUR RELIANCE IN THAT WHICH IS HIGHER AND MIGHTIER THAN WE ARE , such as; flying in an airplane; driving or riding in a car; being a passenger on a steamship, as it cruises across the waters.

(4) OUR LIVING FOR TODAY , even knowing that, tomorrow has no guarantees of life itself.

I am sure that the 'FAITH' or 'TRUST' list, could go on and on; but nevertheless, before we go any further, let us look into THE WORD OF GOD, as to the true and proper definition of FAITH . In Hebrews 11:1, we read, "...Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." The eleventh (11th), chapter of Hebrews gives us a fairly good insight into the matter of FAITH!

Take for example the creation of the World, that is, heaven and earth and all that is therein! In verse 2, of our afore mentioned Chapter, we are reminded that, "THROUGH FAITH we understand that the Worlds were framed by THE WORD OF GOD". Now once again, I would like to bring out the necessaries of FAITH according to The Scriptures; FAITH has SUBSTANCE as well as EVIDENCE . It is not BLIND faith, so-called by unbelievers and ungodly individuals!

The ALMIGHTY GOD, ALWAYS provides us with enough evidence and substance that prove, beyond any doubt, what He is either, presenting to us, or, requiring of us!!! Therefore, an individual that has NO faith in GOD, CANNOT understand, or, comprehend in any way, shape, or form that, GOD's WORD had anything to do with the inception, creation, or formation of the very planet on which he or she is living. On the other hand, an individual whose life revolves around THE HOLY BIBLE, and has an active "FAITH " in The ALMIGHTY GOD, through Jesus Christ our LORD, will have NO DIFFICULTY ACCEPTING THE creation of the World, as an act of GOD Himself!

In respect of 'FAITH' or 'TRUST' we further understand that, without this wonderful commodity, then, we cannot please GOD. In Hebrews 11:6, we read, "...But without FAITH it is impossible to please Him (GOD): For he that cometh to GOD MUST BELIEVE THAT HE IS , and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him." How amazing, that the very quality that GOD requires of us, that is, FAITH , is a gift from The ALMIGHTY HIMSELF.

GOD is the Grantor of FAITH, as well as THE ACCEPTOR of it. No wonder, we are told in The WORD OF GOD that, He is the beginning and the end; the alpha and omega; the first and the last ; All things proceed from Him, and through Him. Amen!

Even in our 'deed' life, it must be done by faith ; no matter what we do, it all must be done with simplicity and as unto our LORD and SAVIOUR. The prerequisite for this, is to 'love' The LORD GOD with 'ALL' of our heart, soul, mind, and strength; and our neighbor as ourself. I would like to share with you my home made definition of 'FAITH' and 'TRUST' in our relationship with our Lord.

F - Full
A - Assurance
I - In
T - The
H - Holy-One

T - Total
R - Reliance
U - Upon
S - Scriptural
T - Truth

Faith is interconnected with the JERUSALEM OF GOD , since it was in the GOLDEN CITY OF JERUSALEM that the highest form of FAITH was manifested, that is, GOD's Son's life as payment for all sin. For Jesus of Nazareth to follow through with His Sacrifice, even to His death , indeed, took on His part, the most courageous act of FAITH ever demonstrated in 'ALL' of HUMANITY!!!

Therefore, our LORD Jesus Christ, said, on one occasion as He was speaking to a multitude of people, "...O Ye Of Little Faith!" (Matthew 6:30). He perceived that, they were more taken by what they would; 1. eat ; 2. drink ; 3. wear ; than for the things of GOD.

Jesus our LORD reminds us in Matthew 6:33-34, "...But seek ye first the Kingdom of GOD, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself."

Now, Jesus our LORD, is not teaching us that we should be unruly, or irresponsible, or without priorities in life, but rather, that we should direct our lives around Him, and not around our, food, drink, and clothing . All one has to do, in listening to the radio, watching television, reading the newspaper, is to be aware of the bombardments in advertisements in regard to, 1. food; 2. drink; and 3. clothing! How interesting, that, what Jesus our LORD said almost two-thousand years ago, is not being practiced today!

Man will never, be able to change his heart or habits, but GOD can , and He uses the means of faith, by which to effectuate His PLANS and PURPOSES! Both the heart of man, and the habits of man proceed from his fallen state. By the way, by habits I don't mean; smoking, drinking, dancing, chewing, spitting, whittling, skipping, or any such thing, but rather, habits directly associated with what JESUS OUR LORD spoke about, that is, not having one's heart seeking first the Kingdom of GOD and His righteousness! The ALMIGHTY GOD, delights in our 'FIRST' of everything, that is, to give Him the best of all that we have in our lives, and NOT the LEFT-OVERS ! In our FAITH LIFE , He deserves THE FIRST AND BEST ! You may ask, how can I give unto THE LORD the first and best in my faith life???

If you have received Jesus as your LORD and SAVIOUR you are on the right road of success in giving, your first and best in your FAITH LIFE to HIM. Secondly, as The LORD calls upon you to serve Him; if you respond and, put into action, the first and best in your FAITH LIFE , to do whatever He has called you to do, then, you have responded with the first and best in your FAITH LIFE ! Thirdly, in direct relationship to: 1. eating; 2. drinking; and 3. clothing; Would you give the first and best to The LORD's work, so that your FAITH LIFE will be acceptable to HIM? Or, do you give as it is convenient to you, that is, the second best ; or the left overs ; or the clothing that doesn't fit any more; or, you just simply don't want it any more.

Jesus our LORD said in Matthew 6:21, "...For where your treasure is, there where your heart be also." This verse does have a positive ring to it, and that is; make sure that your treasure is in heaven, and not on earth! If you are intending on doing, saying, or giving on the SECOND BEST level rather than the FIRST AND BEST ; you might save yourself a little TIME and effort, The LORD is NOT accepting it! SORRY !

If you had two cars, would you give your best car to a needy individual, or the worse one??? WHERE IS YOUR TREASURE ?

If you had a ROAST and some GROUND MEAT, and someone was needy, would you give them the BEST (THE ROAST), or the GROUND MEAT (THE SECOND BEST)??? WHERE IS YOUR TREASURE ?

If you had a BANK ACCOUNT, and met someone needy, would you help them as much as possible, or would you simply say, I'll pray for you?

WHERE IS YOUR TREASURE? I hope that you catch a glimpse of what I am writing. Don't try to fool GOD: YOU CAN'T . He will only accept from us 'A TOTAL FAITH LIFE', plus nothing, minus nothing; and it all begins in our heart. Please seek THE LORD's guidance and direction in your FAITH LIFE !

We read in Romans 14:23, "...For whatsoever is not of faith is sin" . Therefore, FAITH is the most crucial ingredient in our RELATIONSHIP TO GOD , as well as our continuing FELLOWSHIP with HIM! In the OLD TESTAMENT, in Proverbs 16:20, we read, "...Whoso trusteth (PLACES his-faith-totally and unconditionally in ) The LORD, HAPPY IS he." That says it all.

O we of little faith; may The LORD increase our faith, and in turn may we demonstrate this increase in our FIRST and BEST in our FAITH LIFE for HIM, our BLESSED SAVIOUR.

Chapter 14


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