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Shalom Scripture Studies, Inc. A Hebrew-Christian Bible Fellowship 


 March, 1999 (5759) Vol. 25 No. 3 

Dr. and Mrs. Elias E. Hidalgo

Unto Us a Son Is Given

One of the greatest thrills and expectations in any home, is the birth of children. In a Jewish home the birth of children in general is also a happy occasion, but specifically the birth of 'a son' is hailed as a visitation from GOD Himself. It is through the son that according to The Scriptures, the family name as well as it's heritage is passed on from generation to generation. Interestingly enough, once again we find man trying to change what The Almighty GOD established at the beginning! In this case, it is the people of Israel, the Jewish people, that for several centuries now, have insisted that it is through the 'daughter' or the woman, that "Jewishness" is established. In Israel today, and wherever Jewish people live; if a child is born to a Jewish woman, then that child is considered Jewish. While according to The Word of GOD, which is Israel's "MANUAL OF LIFE", it is the Father's seed that determines the nature of the child as a Jewish new born son or daughter. Understandably, there are many and various positions as to, "Who is a Jew?", and I am not in anyway intending to propose a debate, but rather to show forth how we ostensibly try and try to change GOD's mind through our own misconceptions, but thanks be unto our LORD, that, "The word of our GOD shall stand forever." (Isaiah 40:8). Therefore, a child that is born from the seed of a Jewish man, according to The Word of GOD, IS JEWISH. For it is through the man, that "the seed" of humanity is passed on from generation to generation. However, there is 'one' and only one exception. This is why I chose the text that I did, "...Unto Us A Son Is Given".

The first time in The Holy Bible that we find this one exception to the rule is in Genesis 3:15. There we are confronted with "...The Seed Of The Woman", rather than the usual, ordinary, common, non-changing 'seed of the man', see: Psalm 22:23, "The Seed Of Jacob", not the seed of Leah - in Deuteronomy 1:8, "The Seed Of Abraham," not the seed of Sarah - in John 7:42, "The Seed Of David", not the seed of Bath-Sheba. Then why does The LORD speak about "the seed of The Woman," when typically it is always to be, 'the seed of the man'.

The basic reason for this is that the Scripture in Genesis 3:15 deals with, not only the descendant of Adam and Eve, but very specifically, the 'Deliverer' for Adam and Eve in respect of their sin of disobedience unto GOD! This "SEED" therefore, was not to have, in the normal sense of speaking a father, but He was to have a mother! A miracle of miracles, a child was to be born from a woman who was a virgin, who had never known a man, and yet, she would be brought into conception by The Almighty GOD.

The woman was to give birth to a child, but it was GOD that would give a Son. That is, the child born and the son given to be one and the same, The Deliverer, The Redeemer, The Saviour, Who is called in Genesis 3:15, 'The Seed of the woman'. The Apostle Paul writes to us in I Timothy 2:15, in relationship to, and specifically about the woman. Eve we are told, "Shall be SAVED in childbearing", now this does not mean that because she brought forth children, that her reward then would be SALVATION, or as some will teach on this Scripture, that women in general, as they bring forth children, are respected of GOD, therefore, He will 'automatically' save them. Let us always remember that SALVATION is of GOD, not man; or what man can do, but rather, what GOD has accomplished for us through His Beloved Son, Jesus of Nazareth. What I Timothy 2:15 is speaking about, is that Eve through her bearing of a child, namely, "The Seed", mentioned in Genesis 3:15, (The Messiah), she (Eve) would be saved, as well as 'ALL' those that would follow her in faith, by believing in GOD's only Begotten Son, The Seed Of The Woman! The 'Seed' of the woman mentioned at the out set of The Scriptures is the same One that is talked about in our text, in Isaiah 9:6, "Unto us a son is given". In examining our text, we find that The Prophet Isaiah had a very specific people in mind. "Unto us", is of great importance to understand that it is speaking of The Nation of Israel. It was unto the Jewish people that this prophecy was given. This reminds me of an experience I had many years ago soon after I became a believer and follower of Jesus my LORD. Soon after my SALVATION within a period of a couple of months, I was on my way to a Bible College to learn about my new found faith and life in Messiah. Upon entering school, I was confronted with many strange classes, subjects, and terms. Therefore, I felt secure that in my music classes things would be much different than in my Bible Classes. But to my surprise, as a very young believer, I found myself in the school choir, singing 'Handel's Messiah'.

One of the scores that we sang was Isaiah 9:6! I must confess to you that at that time in my life I was totally ignorant of any of 'Handel's Works', and my understanding of the term 'MESSIAH' was even less. But never-the-less, I remember singing, "For Unto Us A Son Is Given". As the choir would sing, I would look around and wonder if the other students understood what we were singing, because, I just couldn't quite grasp the meaning of Isaiah 9:6. I would although, ask myself, who is the Us? I automatically assumed that it was only for us in the college choir. I know it may sound very 'childish', but you possibly even today might have the same attitude and understanding as I had long ago. I look around at Christianity in general, and wonder how many believers in Jesus Our LORD really know WHO the US in Isaiah 9:6 is speaking about. Most Christians actually believe that the Prophet Isaiah had in mind the Christian community or at least, sometimes, Christianity 'ACTS' like it, through disregard and even contempt towards the Land of Israel and the Jewish people. This ought not to be. GOD speaks specifically about the Jewish people, "Unto us" means "Unto the Jews"! Yes, it was unto the Jewish people that a Son was given. Now let us look at the 'Seed of the woman' or, as mentioned in our text, 'A Son is given'. The Son given to Israel is THE MESSIAH, The Son of GOD! There are many Scriptures in both the Old and the New Testament that speak of 'The Son of GOD'.

Here are a few that you might like to look up and read for yourself;

PSALM 2:7, MATTHEW 3:16-17, PROVERBS 30:4, HEBREWS 10:29, DANIEL 3:25, and, I JOHN 4:15.

As we look into the progression of 'the Seed of the woman', we find that although the ultimate fulfillment of this prophecy came to fruition through Miriam (MARY) as, "She brought forth her first born Son" (Luke 2:7), it actually was transmitted through 'the seed of man' as The LORD Himself brought it to pass from Adam and Eve - to - Seth - to Noah - to Shem - to Abraham - to - Isaac - to Jacob - to Judah and so on down the genealogical ladder. Please see Matthew chapter one and Luke chapter three for a complete picture of GOD's sure promise given for you and me! Additionally, in our text you can readily understand that 'the child' is 'born', but on the other-hand 'the Son' is 'given'. That is, we can see the human and divine nature of MESSIAH. Born of a Virgin (see: Isaiah 7:14), born in all of His humanity from the lineage of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and yet, very much GOD while at the same time, very much a Jewish baby. This is why you will hear Him referred to as The GOD-MAN.

In Micah 5:2, we are told that though He was born in Bethlehem of Judea, notwithstanding, He is THE ANCIENT OF DAYS; that is why in our text, He is titled:


The first time I remember reading Isaiah 9:6, it became a baffling statement, that a 'child' would have such Titles, and especially, be 'equated' with GOD Himself (see: John 10:30 and John 14:7-9). But you see, once I accepted GOD and His beloved Son, then I could begin to comprehend that The Almighty, not only had given these Scriptures to The Prophets of old, but that He would also bring to pass 'all' of the prophecies and predictions that He made about The Messiah of Israel. The Almighty committed Himself at the beginning of time, in the presence of all that He had created, in speaking about 'the seed of the woman' being the One, through whom Salvation would come, and then through His commitment, The LORD continued to develop it through Moses and The Prophets. Please remember that The Lord always means what He says, and keeps His commitments! Therefore, in speaking of and ultimately sending 'the Seed of the woman' to bring forth Salvation to all of mankind, The LORD sent His Son' as a descendant of man, while at the very same time an extension of Himself. Therefore, this 'child' spoken of by the Prophet Isaiah descended from the Nation of Israel, while at the very same time, the "Son" was part of GOD Himself, His beloved Son. As such then, we can begin to understand that the Titles of GOD, that rightfully belong to GOD and only GOD, are given to this child, for He is IMMANUEL (GOD with us).

Let us look briefly into the correlation of these Titles bestowed upon The Son of GOD:

WONDERFUL - In Matthew 21:15, we are told that even the Jewish leaders, that is , the chief priests and the scribes saw the 'Wonderful' things that He (Jesus) did. What a testimony to The Son of GOD, Who went about doing good (Acts 10:38).

COUNSELLOR - In Romans 11:34, we read that it is The LORD Who has all counsel in all matters, for 'who hath been His counsellor?' Of course, the answer is plain and clear - NONE has, is or ever will be able to give GOD Counsel. Therefore, GOD The Son is the fullness of Counsel for time and eternity.

THE MIGHTY GOD - In Colossians 2:9 we understand that in Jesus of Nazareth - The Mighty Godhead dwelleth. It is in The Person of Christ, Who is, the 'Child that is born, The Son that is given'; that we can appreciate The Mighty GOD.

THE EVERLASTING FATHER - In John 10:30, we conclude that Jesus our Saviour equated Himself with The Everlasting Father, for He said, "I and My Father are One".

THE PRINCE OF PEACE - In the whole scope of The Life of Jesus, we see that His complete aim was that of bringing "PEACE" as mankinds mediator, between GOD and man. As such, He offered Himself as The Eternal Sacrifice for sin. Thus, He is our Peace- maker with GOD! JERUSALEM OF GOD - is found in the son of GOD, for it was in Jerusalem that He gave Himself, once for all, as our sin bearer, through His death, burial, and resurrection, according to The Scriptures. And it will be in Jerusalem that He will return (see: Zechariah 14), in power and in glory. He will establish His 1,000 year Kingdom in Jerusalem, Israel.

If you could see today THE JERUSALEM OF GOD how she is preparing for the coming KING OF THE JEWS, it's quite an interesting development in the Land of Israel in general, and in Jerusalem in specific, how the entire Jewish State is becoming ready for GOD's last ACT. While walking in the Holy City of Jerusalem, I saw a bumper sticker on a car that read,


What a way to put it, 'NOW', not as some believers might say or think 'LORD' - wait until ---- then you can come ----, that is, 'After I have done this or that, or accomplished this or that, or been here or there, or seen him or her;' obviously the end of man's doings are no where in sight. I guess for some, Messiah must wait!!! I do hope that, you as a believer, in the "child" that was born - the 'Son' that was given - namely, Jesus our LORD, are ready to receive Him NOW! "...Unto them that look for Him shall He appear the second time without sin unto SALVATION", (Hebrews 9:28).

Dear one, if you are not ready, then place your hopes, dreams, desires, even your whole self in GOD's hands and He will love you unto Himself through His beloved Son!

'a Hebrew-Christian Bible Fellowship'

Dr. and Mrs. Hidalgo

Dr. and Mrs. Elias E. Hidalgo

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