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Shalom Scripture Studies, Inc. A Hebrew-Christian Bible Fellowship 


 January, 1999 (5759) Vol. 25 No. 1 

Dr. and Mrs. Elias E. Hidalgo


Since 1974, Shalom Scripture Studies, Inc., has continued to promote and propagate The Word of God, 'to the Jew first, and also to the Gentile' (Romans 1:16). Under the leadership of our founder-director, Dr. Elias E. Hidalgo, this ministry of Jewish Evangelism has produced many wonderful servants for our Lord. Some of which are today on the mission field in full time service, to the honour and glory of our God.

Mrs. Ari D. Hidalgo, our Co-Director has been in full time faith work before The Almighty since 1979. Both Dr. and Mrs. Hidalgo would like to take this time to acknowledge the faithfulness of Y'shua (Jesus) in their every day lives. They both have seen miracle after miracle in the existence of Shalom Scripture Studies and in the lives of those associated with this wonderful ministry of Jewish Evangelism.

By now you all know that we have been blessed of our Lord as we begin our 25th year of service with the following: Our Shalom Scripture Studies, Inc., in Savannah, Georgia and in Naples, Florida our Minister of Media and his wife, Rev. and Mrs. Jack Molloy. There are also several volunteer workers that continue being a blessing to us.

This past year of 1998 has been a blessed year with many trials and triumphs, i.e., in January and again in February, Dr. Hidalgo experienced two massive heart attacks, spent 10 days in the hospital and is still heavily medicated. Nevertheless, he continues to serve The Lord with much veem and vigor. Of course Mrs. Hidalgo has been the key for his recovery, as she indeed watches his every move with much love and compassion (we are in much thanksgiving to our Lord).

As we begin 1999, the year before the Millennium, we know that The Lord has many special blessings before us as a ministry, and individually, as His people. Please do join us in prayer and support as we sail through 1999 and look forward to the year 2000. Could it be that we of this generation will witness the return of our Messiah, The Lord Jesus Christ? Let us look unto the author and finisher of our faith for all things. Especially, how He will work in the life of the Nation of Israel prior to His return. 'Even so, come, Lord Jesus' (Revelation 22:20).


The little booklet 'The Ten Commandments' has been such a blessing for us all at Shalom Scripture Studies, Inc., as we daily continue giving them out. In July of 1998, we were blessed with a mandate to distribute these precious booklets, and how wonderfully The Lord has blessed this effort is beyond words. In 1993 a beloved couple took in hand to begin printing them, at first 4,000 of these booklets, eventually more and more were printed. By the time of the last printing, which took place in July of 1998, a total of 900,000 of these adorable booklets have been printed. You can't believe the amazement on our hearts, and the look on our faces when we received a shipment of about 150,000 of them. If you have been to our Savannah office and Chapel, you already know that room is at a premium. But never mind, we stacked them in our little hallway, in our bathroom and where we could find a spot for them. As we begin this new Year of 1999, that is, six months after we received our first shipment of the Ten Commandment booklets, we have witnessed approximately 70,000 of them go far and near, as close to us as the City of Savannah and as far as South Africa and the Philippines. What a blessed miracle has taken place in our ministry as a result of one couple being obedient to our Lord. For the past five years they have been printing more and more of these darling booklets, that, by the way, contain not only The Ten Commandments, but also in the back section of the booklet you will find many New Testament Scriptures, that is a true witness of our Blessed Messiah.

Imagine, after 25 years our ministry is still sending forth the Message of Salvation via: Television (with over 300 cable television stations throughout the United States), our World Wide Web pages (http://www.shalom-peace.com), that potentially reaches out to the whole world, (for we daily receive inquiries from almost every continent). Also, our ministry in Savannah, Minneapolis and Naples have outreaches and meetings every week. Our administrative work continues to grow each passing day. We have had the opportunity in answering many telephone calls from individuals with many questions and many problems. Also, the printing of Shalom Scripture Studies literature is on the increase, as we continue distributing our books, pamphlets, brochures, and newsletters that reaches all over the United States. This past July we received an additional blessing with these beautiful Ten Commandment booklets that were given to us. The Lord, he is good and gracious to allow us the privilege and pleasure of serving Him. As you read these words, please be encouraged to know that you are also beloved for the Fathers sake and that He will not leave you nor forsake you in any way, shape or form. These words are a promise to us from our Lord that are found in The Holy Scriptures.

We at Shalom Scripture Studies can truly say to you that although there are times that we may somehow think that we are the only one (like Elijah the Prophet) doing the work of The Lord, then He allows us to come in contact with someone else that has the same issue at heart as we do, and that is, to serve The Living God. Yes, we have experienced so many wonderful blessings, time and time again. Meeting this dear couple that sponsors the Ten Commandment booklets has been one of our most blessed experiences to date. Oh Lord, bless them and keep them in your arms is our earnest prayer.


These beautiful words above are found in The Book of Matthew 24:3, when the disciples of Jesus were curious as to the time of the coming of Y'shua (Jesus). Well, isn't this still the question that definitely awakes in us as believers who have a sense of anticipation as to the events and happenings prior to the 'second' coming of our Lord? We of this generation are in a very unique situation, and that is, for all practical appearances we will usher in the Millennium (the year 2000). Based on past history many wonderful and not so wonderful things have taken place about the time of the beginning of a Millennium.

Well, you and I as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ know according to The Word of God that soon our Messiah will appear in the clouds to gather us unto Himself (some call this 'the rapture' but a better and more Scriptural word should be 'the gathering'). Once the gathering takes place, and I personally believe that this year of 1999, as we approach the Millennium, The Lord Almighty will surely show us, if not outwardly, for sure inwardly, that He is on His way to rescue us from this sin sick world. Just look around you and listen to the screams of desperation from all of creation itself desiring a better place, a better position, a better life. You and I that understand The Holy Bible know that The Lord our Messiah will break forth in all of His Glory to redeem us totally and completely from this depraved and wicked world. He will change our vile bodies into glorious and incorruptible bodies to ever be with our Lord.

The way that The Lord Jesus Christ answers His disciples in Matthew 24 is with the wonderful promise and reality of His coming again. Oh, what a glorious day that will be. Don't you agree?

There are many individuals today that seem to be consumed with the Y2K (so called, The Year 2 Thousand Problem?) when computers and many other things that serve and surround us will go on the blink. Well, for most of us who are but mere amateurs in the issues of life and its dilemmas, surely, this theoretical proposition could seem to carry at the least, some worry. But we who are redeemed by The Precious Blood of our Lord, the Y2K (problem?) may indeed be the most blessed experience of our entire life, especially if it turns out to be the time when we will be gathered unto our Lord Jesus Christ. I can't wait; How about you?

Well, we will wait and look with eagerness for the coming of Y'shua in the clouds (see: Acts chapter 1). Remember, only our heavenly Father knows of that day and time when our complete redemption will take place. Thanks be unto our Lord that his secret still remains a secret (see: Deuteronomy 29:29).

Until then, let us continue doing the work of an evangelist and preach, teach and live a holy life before others, in word and in deed.

Thank you Lord for all the help and encouragement that we have in our daily walk and talk before our fellow human beings. May the shalom (peace) of our Lord be with you all. Amen.


Our Shalom Scripture Studies, Inc., is a Hebrew-Christian Bible Fellowship with the following locations available for worship and service:

Shalom Scripture Studies, Inc.
44-a Lee Blvd.
Savannah, Georgia 31405
Tel (912) 691 0709

Shalom Scripture Studies, Inc.
6524 Walker Street, #-10
St. Louis Park, Minnesota 55426
Tel (952) 925 6186

Shalom Scripture Studies, Inc.
P.O. Box 756
Naples, Florida 34106
Tel (239) 269 3640

Our CATALOG of literature, videos, cassettes and many other wonderful issues are complimentary to one and all.

Our Shalom Scripture Studies, Inc., policy is NEVER to charge for The Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ (see: I Corinthians 9:18). We strongly adhere to the fact that we are a 'non-profit' tax exempt religious corporation (501 (c) 3), and thus, we do not charge for any literature or service that we render at any time or place. We have seen the Lord supply all of our needs for the past 25 years, and look forward to this New Year of 1999 being also full of His mercies.

Your prayerful and financial support for 1999 is needed. If you would be so kind to inform us as to your faith promise for this coming year before The Lord in helping our ministry, we would be most grateful. Your response will help us immensely in establishing a proper budget for 1999. What we receive from you as our Associate Member is wisely distributed to continue the work and ministry of Shalom Scripture Studies, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. Hidalgo

We wish you and your families a blessed and bountiful 1999, full of joy and happiness. May you experience this New Year full of God's love as you serve Him with all of your heart and mind. Also, we want to say thank you for your prayers and contributions this past year. We will be sending each associate member a tax deductible receipt for 1998 in the next few weeks. Again, thank you and with your continued help in 1999 we will accomplish much for our Saviour.

'a Hebrew-Christian Bible Fellowship'

Dr. and Mrs. Hidalgo

Dr. and Mrs. Elias E. Hidalgo

The Shalom Chapel
44-A Lee Blvd.
Savannah, GA 31405
Tel (912) 691-0709
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The Shalom Chapel
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The Shalom Chapel
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